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American Nails Spa

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    Ste 120
    Elk Grove, CA 95758
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Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Signature Spa Treatments

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American Standard Manicure W/ color Gel - $25

New shellac Soak Off Gel Lacquer. On your real nails stay with color gel glossy for up 2 weeks

American Standard Manicure - $15

We start bt grooming your nails and cuticles to perfection. We then provide a warm oil massage and a finishing polish of your choice leaving your hand soft. supple and fabulous.

American Premier Manicure - $25

in addition to the American Standard Manicure, enjoy a cleansing sea salt scrub a relaxing, purifying dip, cooling gel, warm neck pillow and finish with a light marble massage with warm oil.

American Deluxe Pedicure - $25

The American Deluxe Pedicure, you will receive a cleansing sea salt scrub relaxing sea mineral wrap of your lower leg and a moderate marble e massage with warm oil. Averaging 25 to 30 minutes of enjoyment.

Ameryican Premier Pedicure - $30

The Premier Pedicure! lake the American Deluxe Pedicure and add a deep marble massage with our warm luxurious oils with a smoothing paraffin dip, finish in 10 minutes massage. You're in for 30 to 35 minutes of pure bliss.

Ultra American Pedicure - $35

In addition to the American Premier Pedicure, Apply a generous amount of Pedicure Cooling gel on the foot to allow the pores to close. This will enable the moisture penetrate deeply into the skin and prevent dehydration. This cooling gel also assists in relieving muscle pain also we include a "U" shaped neck pillow which is filled with flax seeds organic herbs and will emit a soothing aroma. This comforting pillow can be warmed to help relax tense muscle with soothing heat. You will enjoying with 15 minutes massage this pedicure for 40 to 45 minutes.

Platium American Pedicure - $50

Along with ultra American Pedicure. The Platinum Pedicure includes a therapeutic benefit of a green tea infused spa pedicure the hydrates and detoxifies. Feet are softened in a green tea soak, exfoliated away tough calluses and smooth away rough and dry skin with fresh mandarin scrub. Finish with 20 minutes massage with hot oiled marbles You will enjoying this pedicure for 50 minutes to an hour.

Warm Neck Pillow is Optional for ant treatment for $5

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